Fall Winter 2016

Sudi Etuz 2016-17 Fall/Winter collection takes inspiration from the Studio 54 era, which brought the luminescence of the stars of the ’70s into the dance floor. The style and retro influences of David Bowie, one of the Studio 54 regulars, are combined with different pieces and reflected in the collection.  The collection, designed for all urban women who wanted to be the star of the day, consists of 18 looks.

Sequin embroideries and the brilliant form of the leopard pattern carry the star vibe of that era. Velvet, satin and crepe fabrics are complements of the collection. The deep lacerations on the dresses and skirts of the glittering women of the ‘ 70s, which emphasise that they are bold, boundless and powerful, appear in the Sudi Etuz collection in a feminine yet cool style.