Fall Winter 2022

“Dalyan,” one of the fishfarms in Turkey, Adana where Şansım Adalı is from, the creative director of SUDIETUZ. Şansım is bringing the underwater life with its all luminescence in her Fall Winter 22 Collection.  “I presented the streets of Adana in my previous collection, now I want to take you to the Mediterranean coast of my beloved Dalyan.” Ş.A.

The collection is about “SUDI” the first part of SUDI ETUZ which is about Şansım’s roots, dedicated to her father. The family immigrated from Syria in late 19th century to Adana, Turkey. When they came to Adana they have been called “SUDI”. They located in the spectacular lagoons of Adana and established a fishfarm named “Dalyan”. Where is also a historical monument, home for thousands of birds and has an amazing natural landscape. Şansım has grew up in this Dalyan with her childhood dreams of sea and its abundance.


Products of the Collection