Creator of Sudi Etuz, Şansım Adalı

Sudi Etuz is a cutting-edge designer brand based in Istanbul, making its debut in 2016 with a series of successful performances featuring various prêt-à-couture collections, emphasizing conceptual fashion design.


Dedicated to design innovation, Sudi Etuz utilizes meticulously crafted fabrics to redefine "street-couture" with a contemporary flair. In a remarkably short period, the brand was honored as the "leading emerging designer" by Elle Magazine.


Sudi Etuz releases one main collection annually, characterized by its distinctive "origamic tulles," opulent patterns, and a timeless color palette.


Founder Şansım Adalı, a graduate of the Department of Translation and Interpreting at Bilkent University, spent an academic year in Brussels, a city renowned for its avant-garde fashion history, attending various drawing classes and workshops. After completing French education in 2006, she pursued Fashion Design at LaSalle Academy Istanbul.


Driven by the need for young fashion designers in Turkey to employ creative innovation in conceptual fashion design and broaden the local market's global vision, Şansım established "Sudi Etuz."


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