Introduced in Unkapanı Plakçılar Bazaar, the collection stands out with its dynamic and colourful stance that gives people morale. While the main colours of the collection consist of orange, green and khaki, the bright colours are also the centre of attention. As a material, tulle, poplin and silks are mainly used and designs made with denim fascinates the beholders.

The designer, who likes to see women in alternative clothes, adds Sudi Etuz interpretation to her voluminous designs, which use corsage and binding techniques, with emphasis on the waist as well as the extravagant arm silhouettes that have become her signature this season. Collaborating with the artist Yonca Karakaş in the collection consisting of a total of 30 looks, Sudi Etuz incorporates  Karakaş’s painting works with a special printing technique into her swimsuits.

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