Sudi Etuz unveiled their latest collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul with a captivating VR presentation, featuring an array of green and earth tones that evoke a sense of comfort and tranquility. This season's theme, reminiscent of previous collections, centers around emotions of positivity and happiness, while embracing the concept of freedom through a seamless connection with nature. Drawing inspiration from the simplicity and inherent beauty of natural elements, the collection effortlessly transforms them into powerful expressions of purity and allure.

The VR presentation, filmed amidst the stunning landscapes of Kocaeli’s Pink Rocks, offers viewers a mesmerizing 360-degree perspective, immersing them in the collection's inspiration. This picturesque location served as a key influence for the designs, with designer Şansım Adalı emphasizing the breathtaking copper hues reflected on the rocks at sunset. Incorporating these hues into the palette of greens and earth tones further enhances the collection's ambiance of comfort and calmness.