Famous designer Şansım Adalı, adds new pieces to her authentic designs with the collaboration of Morhipo x Sudi Etuz, that will only be available at! With the goal of making a difference in New Year’s celebrations, the Morhipo X Sudi Etuz collection that is exclusive to customers is made up of 45 pieces, including short and long dresses, trousers and skirts, flashy blouses and accessories.

The Morhipo x Sudi Etuz collection features Şansım Adalı’s signature tulle details, the season’s favourite textures eye-catching velvets, corset plays that help create a feminine silhouette and the glow of sequins. The collection, enriched with the indispensable colors of the night parties such as black and navy blue, as well as Sudi Etuz classic colors such as fuchsia and lame, has a lively, energetic and joyful new year’s enthusiasm.