Coca-Cola introduced the first energy drink produced with its own brand name, Coca-Cola Energy, with a party held in Golden Horn Shipyards. With the inspiration they get from each other’s energies, Ahu Yağtu and Şansım Adalı, who added an interpretation to Coca-Cola Energy as a tribute to the moments they need energy, presented a special design in order to reflect how much energy we need both in our careers and in motherhood.

Şansım Adalı explains the design which combines the colors of Coca-Cola Energy with Sudi Etuz’s signature tulles as follows; “Motherhood and fashion designing go hand in hand in my life, and I am the source of this energy. I am certain that Coca-Cola Energy will give me energy I need and make me feel like I’ve just started the day. We’ve used Energy’s black and red colors on the design as well. Black lines represent our energy which is always present in our lives.”